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Title: Opinión de un granadino sobre la división de la deuda Colombiana entre los tres estados de Nueva Granada, Venezuela, y Ecuador
Creator: Unknown
Publication Info: Popayán : Imprenta de la Universidad, 1836.
Physical Details: 16p. ; 22 x 17 6/10 cms.
Physical Condition: Dirtied on rear wrapper, foxed, from page 10-16, but fair throughout.

Summary: An anonymous author analyzes a government measure that divides the national debt among Nueva Granada, Ecuador and Venezuela, which Nueva Granada would assume double the amount owed by Venezuela or Ecuador. He asserts that Venezuela should pay a larger share than what is being proposed because of its strategic location for exports, and rejects the idea that the debt should be divided according to the population of each territory.
Historical Notes: From 1820 to 1870 Colombia had the highest external debt in Latin America due to the independence wars; this was aggravated by the state’s incapacity to promote effective forms of production and commerce. Land expropriated from indigenous communities, the church, and some private owners was sold to the public. Also, the state issued large quantities of bonds redeemable for land to pay its creditors. Jaramillo, Roberto Luis; Meisel Roca, Adolfo 2010 Mas Allá de la Retórica de la Reacción, Análisis Económico de la Desamortización en Colombia, 1861-1888. In Economía Colombiana del Siglo XIX. A. Meisel Roca and M.T. Ramírez, eds. Pp. 283-327. Bogotá: Banco de la República. Torres Sánchez, Fabio; Fazio Vargas, Antonella; López-Uribe, María del Pilar 2010 Conflictos de Tierras, Derechos de Propiedad y Surgimiento de la Economía Exportadora en Colombia, 1850-1925. In Economía Colombiana del Siglo XIX. A. Meisel Roca and M.T. Ramírez, eds. Pp. 245-280. Bogotá: Banco de la República.
Donor Notes: Don Joaquin Mosquera strongly objects to the division of the Gran Colombia's debt between the three states which composed Gran Colombia, especially the small share Venezuela is due to repay. - J.L.H.

Subject(s): Debts, Public -- Colombia -- 19th century
Colombia -- Politics and government -- 1832-1858

Type: Pamphlet
Language: Spanish
Donor: Helguera, J. León
Collection: Helguera, J. León Collection
Institution: Vanderbilt University
Accession Number: P00021
Record Number: 258