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Title: Esclavitud está apoyada en los libros sagrados
Creator: Unos dueños de esclavos
Publication Info: Bogotá : Imprenta Sánchez i Morales, March 05, 1847.
Physical Details: 22 4/10 x 16 cm [4 pages, folded]

Summary: This is a reprint of a document originally published in Cali that defends slavery and negates the need for abolition. The authors used biblical passages to demonstrate that slavery was compatible with religious teachings. They also state that abolition would harm southern families. Signed by "Some Slave Owners"
Historical Notes: Cali, and rest of the Cauca valley, had a very high slave population. Landowners and industrialists depended on slaves to work in plantations and mines. In Colombia, the process of abolition began in 1814 but slavery was not fully abolished until 1851. Bushnell, David. The Making of Modern Colombia : A Nation in Spite of Itself. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1993.

Subject(s): Slavery -- Colombia -- History
Slavery and the church -- Catholic Church
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Type: Broadside
Language: Spanish
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Donor: Helguera, J. León
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