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Title: Libertad y orden
Publication Info: Cartagena : Imprenta de Ruiz, February 14, 1840.
Physical Details: 26 3/10 x 18 2/10 cm

Summary: Anonymous declartion calling José Maria Obando a traitor for his role in the War of the Supremes rebellion. The authors states that Obando has been a "Spanish soldier" since 1822, and is thus a traitor to Colombian independence.
Historical Notes: The War of the Supremes (1839-1841) was a series of regional rebellions against the central government in Bogota. The first leader to rebel was José María Obando in Pasto. Obando's leadership during the rebellion earned him both a loyal following and made him many enemies. After the war, he fled to Peru then Chile in exile. The War of the Supremes established the initial division between Liberals and Conservatives. Simón Bolívar's surviving supporters became the Ministerial/Conservative Party, while Francisco de Paula Santander's followers became the Liberal Party. Bushnell, David. The Making of Modern Colombia : A Nation in Spite of Itself. Berkeley: Univ. of California Press, 1993.

Subject(s): Colombia -- History -- War of the Supremes, 1839-1841
Insurgency -- Colombia
Obando, José María, 1795-1861
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