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Title: El Plenipotenciario de Panamá responde a una acusación del señor Jil Colunje
Creator: Arosemena, Justo
Publication Info: Bogotá : Imprenta de Echeverría Hermranos, 1863.
Physical Details: p. 3- 63 ; 21 5/10 x15 cm.
Physical Condition: Two worm holes, slightly dog-eared, and foxed on its edges, but otherwise in good condition.

Donor Notes: Dr. Justo Arosemena defends his conduct as governor of the State of Panama from an attack by Jil Colunge, in his pamphlet "El plenipotenciario de Panama." Arosemena answers Colunje's article (printed in the Star & Herald), "El planipotenciario del Estado de Panama acerca del gobierno de los Estados Unidos de Colombia," concerning his role in an independence movement in Panama and in the Convenio de Colon (sept, 6, 1861), signed between Panama and the Union Granadina. Documents attached. - J.L.H.

Subject(s): Colombia -- Panama -- 19th century

Type: Pamphlet
Language: Spanish
Donor: Helguera, J. León
Collection: Helguera, J. León Collection
Institution: Vanderbilt University
Accession Number: P00847
Record Number: 960