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Title: Alocución de su santidad el Papa Pio IX sobre los negocios eclesiásticos en la Nueva Granada
Creator: Pius IX, Pope, 1792-1878
Publication Info: Bogotá : Imprenta de Francisco Torrez Amaya, 1853.
Physical Details: 25 p. ; 15 4/10 x 10 7/10 cms.
Physical Condition: Almost new.

Summary: This pamphlet is a translation of Pope IX’s discourse to the Cardinal’s College in the Vatican in 1853 in which the Pope criticizes the government of Nueva Granada and its anti-clerical policies, such as the expulsion of Jesuits, regulations over religious orders, and the expropriation of Church assets.
Historical Notes: The Catholic Church experienced dramatic changes after Colombia’s Independence in 1819, particularly under Liberal governments. The economic measures that the state imposed on the Catholic Church were drastic when compared to the privileges they enjoyed under the Spanish Crown government, under which they were allowed to accumulate capital and property without restrictions. Some of the changes that the Liberal governments imposed on the Catholic Church included the expropriation of Church assets by the state and the suspension of the laws that obliged people to pay tribute to the Church. As a result of these changes the clergy had to devise new mechanisms to provide a stream of income from their parishioners adequate for church maintenance and priests’ salaries. Díaz Díaz, Fernando 1982 Estado, Iglesia y Desamortización. In Manual de Historia de Colombia. J.G. Cobo Borda and S. Mutis Durán, eds. Pp. 413-465. Bogotá: Procultura.
Donor Notes: A translation into Spanish of the speech given by Pope Pius IX in the secret consistory, the Vatican, 27 September 1852, regarding hostile measures taken against the Church in New Granada by the liberal regime. The Latin original is also given. - J.L.H.

Subject(s): Church and state -- Colombia -- 19th century
Catholic Church -- Colombia -- 19th century

Type: Pamphlet
Language: Spanish, Latin
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Donor: Helguera, J. León
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Institution: Vanderbilt University
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