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Title: Refutación de algunas falsas aserciones
Creator: Ospina, Pastor
Publication Info: Bogotá : Imprenta de Ortiz, 1856.
Physical Details: 16 p. ; 21 x 15 4/10 cms.
Physical Condition: Top and from wrapper missing, some foxing.

Summary: Pastor Ospina, the contractor in charge of opening and maintaining the road from Gachalá to Medina, writes this pamphlet defending himself against the accusations published in the newspaper El Tiempo concerning the appropriation of rich public lands. Ospina provides details of his contract with Child Company for the road construction and explains how he obtained public land as part of his payment.
Historical Notes: From 1820 to 1870 Colombia had the highest external debt in Latin America due to the independence wars; this was aggravated by the state’s incapacity to promote effective forms of production and commerce. Land expropriated from indigenous communities, the church, and some private owners was sold to the public. Also, the state emitted large quantities of bonds redeemable for land to pay its creditors. Until 1880 there was no limit on the amount of land that people could own and creditors could redeem their bonds anywhere within the national territory where public or expropriated lands were available. Some of these bonds were used to pay war veterans for their service or to provide incentives for entrepreneurs willing to build roads and railroads. Jaramillo, Roberto Luis; Meisel Roca, Adolfo 2010 Mas Allá de la Retórica de la Reacción, Análisis Económico de la Desamortización en Colombia, 1861-1888. In Economía Colombiana del Siglo XIX. A. Meisel Roca and M.T. Ramírez, eds. Pp. 283-327. Bogotá: Banco de la República. Torres Sánchez, Fabio; Fazio Vargas, Antonella; López-Uribe, María del Pilar 2010 Conflictos de Tierras, Derechos de Propiedad y Surgimiento de la Economía Exportadora en Colombia, 1850-1925. In Economía Colombiana del Siglo XIX. A. Meisel Roca and M.T. Ramírez, eds. Pp. 245-280. Bogotá: Banco de la República. LeGrand, Catherine 1986 Frontier Expansion and Peasant Protest in Colombia, 1850-1936. Albuquerque: The University of New Mexico Press.
Donor Notes: Personal defence against charges that Ospina had appropriated public lands. - J.L.H.

Subject(s): Ospina, Pastor
Public lands -- Colombia
Roads -- Colombia

Type: Pamphlet
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Donor: Helguera, J. León
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