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Title: Al pueblo católico
Creator: Fernández Saavedra, José Manuel, 1796-1877
Publication Info: Bogotá : s.n., July 05, 1863.
Physical Details: 29 5/10 x 20 5/10 cm

Summary: Manuel Fernández Saavedra, a canon known for his bombastic speeches, denounces a municipal leader who asked to use one of the cathedral towers to install a clock purchased by the government. The leader threatened him with expropriation, which Fernandez calls a political threat and proof of corruption. States that "a clergy because of his profession is as weak as a women because of her sex."
Historical Notes: At the time of writing, President Tomás C. Mosquera ran an anticlerical campaign as part of his efforts to distance New Granada from its colonial past by severing the connections between church and state. Fernández Saavedra not only opposed President Mosquera, but also his brother José Manuel Mosquera who was Archbishop of Bogotá between 1835 and his death in 1853. Fernández Saavedra was best known for the "El arzobispo ante la Nación" publication of 1852, in which he accused J.M. Mosquera of being appointed Archbishop only because of T.C. Mosquera's political connections. Salcedo Martinez, Jorge Enrique. <i>Las vicisitudes de los jesuitas en Colombia: hacia una historia de la Compañía de Jesús, 1844-1861.</i> Primera edición. Bogotá, D.C.: Editorial Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, 2014.

Subject(s): Catholic Church -- Colombia -- Bogotá
Catholic Church -- Colombia -- Clergy
Church and state -- Colombia -- Bogotá
Catholic Church -- Colombia -- Pastoral letters and charges -- 19th century
Church and state -- Colombia -- History -- 19th century
Church buildings -- Colombia -- Bogotá
Corruption -- Colombia
Fernández Saavedra, José Manuel, 1796-1877
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