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Title: Correspondencia de los facciosos segunda entrega
Publication Info: S.I. : s.n., [1860].
Physical Details: 31 7/10 cm x 3 5/10 cm

Summary: Anonymous author reprints correspondence between President Mariano Ospina and Julio Arboleda from Dec 16, 1860. States that this correspondence reveals the true nature of Ospina and his plots. The correspondence between Ospina and Arboleda focuses on news from the Civil War, including the growing success of T.C. Mosquera's troops. Anonymous author concludes that this correspondence reveals the difference between Ospina's words "in a loud voice" and in a "low one" and that the correspondence reveals that the governement is struggling to defend itself agaisnt the rebel forces. Author expresses fear over the growing srength of Mosquera's rebel forces on the Atlantic Coast.
Historical Notes: This document comes from the beginning of the 1859-1862 Civil War. At the time of writing, the Liberal forces, controlled by Tomás C. Mosquera, president from July 18-1861-February 4, 1863, had already conquered some regions. Mosquera's nephews, Sergio and Julio Arboleda led the Conservative forces. This war helped drive the deep and lasting divide between Liberals and Conservatives. Bushnell, David. <i>The Making of Modern Colombia : A Nation in Spite of Itself.</i> Berkeley: Univ. of California Press, 1993.

Subject(s): Colombia -- History -- Civil War, 1860-1862
Arboleda, Julio, 1817-1862
Mosquera, T. C. de (Tomás Cipriano), 1798-1878
Ospina Pérez, Mariano, 1891-1976
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