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Title: El Presidente de La República de la Nueva Granada encargado del poder ejecutivo a la nación
Creator: Santander, Francisco de Paula, 1792-1840
Publication Info: Bogotá : J.A. Cualla, December 12, 1836.
Physical Details: 31 4/10 x 43 8/10 cm

Summary: Nearing the end of his presidency, Francisco de Paula Santander asks the citizens of New Granada to continue building a just and democratic society. Warns of the impeding threat of Great Britian who sees New Granada's weakness and wants to intervene. States that New Granada's democracy is still fragile and thus all citizens must continue to help strengthen it.
Historical Notes: Santander, one of the great liberators of South America, was president of Colombia from 1832 to 1837. At the time, Santander was fighting with the liberator Simón Bolívar over the future of New Granada. While Santander and his followers favored a federalist system and popular participation in politics, Bolivar and his followers favored centralism and and elite-led state. Bushnell, David. The Making of Modern Colombia : A Nation in Spite of Itself. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1993.

Subject(s): Colombia -- Politics and government -- 1832-1858
Colombia -- Foreign economic relations -- Great Britain
Santander, Francisco de Paula, 1792-1840
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