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Title: El Gobierno, el Ejėrcito y las Medidas del estado de Sitio: conferencias de los ministros de gobierno y guerra
Creator: Colombia. Ministerio de Gobierno.
Publication Info: Bogotá : Imprenta Nacional, 1944.
Physical Details: 39p. ; 20 7/10 x 13 6/10 cm
Physical Condition: Yellowed paper, but good.

Summary: The Colombian ministers of the interior, Alberto Lleras Camargo, and war, General Domingo Espinel, address the Colombian people to let them know about the attempt to overthrow the legitimate government of president Alfonso López Pumarejo.
Historical Notes: On July 10, 1944, a group of seditious generals kidnaped colombian president Alfonso López Pumarejo during his visit to the city of Pasto, in an attempt to overthrow his government. Soon, with the quick response of the central government, the subversive generals saw themselves without the adequate support to fulfil their purpose. This failed coup, known as "El golpe de Pasto" or "El cuartelazo de Pasto" was a symptom of the political tension between liberals and conservatives, that eventually would give rise to the turbulent years of the Violencia. This pamphlet is an excellent source to understanding the situation that led to one of the most cruent periods in Colombian history. (See for example: Vicente Pérez Silva, "El golpe de Pasto: Julio 10 de 1944" Revista Credencial Historia 117, September 1999, available online on Biblioteca Virtual Luis Ángel Arango,
Donor Notes: The Minister of War and the Minister of Interior's radio addresses of 11 Sept. 1944 during the crisis in Pasto. - J.L.H.

Subject(s): Colombia -- Politics and government -- 1930-1946
Lleras Camargo, Alberto , 1906 - 1990
Espinel, Domingo, General

Type: Pamphlet
Language: Spanish
Donor: Helguera, J. León
Collection: Helguera, J. León Collection
Institution: Vanderbilt University
Accession Number: P01583
Record Number: 605