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Title: Popayan... (First Line Manuscript)
Publication Info: Popayan : , [].

Summary: This manuscript appears to detail a family dispute regarding rights to a family mine in Santa Marta located in Barbacoas.
Historical Notes: The document involves Camilo Torres y Tenorio, some members of his family, and Don Gregorio de Angulo. The document also includes Camilo Torres' signature and his position in favor of a ruling for his family on the rights to the mine in Santa Marta. Camilo Torres Tenorio was an important figure in the Colombian movement for independence. He was influenced by other independence figures like Antonio Narino and his translation and publication of "The Rights of Man in 1793," publicly opposed overarching royal authority and the inequality of Spanish creolles in his writing, "Memorial de Agravios," and was briefly elected president of the united provinces in New Granada.

Subject(s): Popayán (Cauca) -- 19th century
Torres y Tenorio, Camilo, 1766-1816
Colombia -- Property -- 19th century
Colombia -- Mining and mineral resources -- 19th century
Santa Marta (Magdalena) -- History -- 19th century

Type: Manuscript
Language: Spanish
Donor: Helguera, J. León
Collection: Helguera, J. León Collection
Institution: Vanderbilt University
Accession Number: NA
Record Number: 695