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Title: Manifiesto de Ayala I Medrano I la cuestión bonos
Creator: Ayala, Daniel
Medrano, Ignacio
Publication Info: Bogotá : Imprenta a Cargo de F. Mantilla, 1865.
Physical Details: 22 p. ; 24 5/10 x 15 6/10 cms.
Physical Condition: Ripped wrapper and first pages at top. Foxing from pages 3-4. Wrapper otherwise worn but interior pages fair.

Summary: This document is the response of two individuals charged by the government of Nueva Granada with producing counterfeited bonds. The accused were men who owned a printing business and who had been employed in the printing of official documents for the Colombian government; this document includes the complaints by the government.
Historical Notes: Since the inception of Nueva Granada, its government struggled to manage its revenues in a way that allowed the nation to cover its internal and external debt obligations. During the 1860s the state created a number of financial mechanisms aimed at enticing more investors to “buy” the internal debt through bonds. In a bid to respond to its urgent need for cash and to maintain public order within the nation, the government floated bonds to manage the public debt. The alleged counterfeited bonds made by the two accused authors of this document would have earned 12% interest, a relatively high interest rate at the time. Villaveces, Juanita 2007 Formación de la Deuda Pública en Colombia (1821-1873). Borradores de Investigación Universidad del Rosario 84:3-40.
Donor Notes: These men deny any part in the counterfeiting of 4,000 pesos in government bonds. Has data about early engraving history in Colombia. - J.L.H.

Subject(s): Government securities -- Colombia -- Forgeries
Counterfeits and counterfeiting -- Colombia
Engraving -- Colombia
Money -- Colombia

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