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Title: Canal de Panamá
Creator: Wyes, Luciano N.B.
Publication Info: Bogotá : Imprenta de, November 05, 1890.
Physical Details: 54 x 40 5/10 cm

Summary: Luciano Wyse writes a letter to the minster of international relations urging him to continue funding the Panama canal, despite recent difficulties. Wyse states that the endeavor is well worth the efforts and that no other form of transportation can equal the possibilities offered by the canal.
Historical Notes: By 1890, the French company in charge of the first attempt at building the Panama canal had gone bankrupt. The canal project was on hold after losing thousands of workers to yellow fever to disease, insufficient financing, and immense technical challenges. Luciano Wyse, a man of French and Irish origin, related to Napoleon Bonaparte on his mother's side, was one of the original surveyors of the canal zone in 1876. Even after the French failure, he believed in the possibilities of the canal, and sought new international financing and approval. López A., Robinson, and Anthony Picón. “Luciano Wyse Y Sus Trabajos Pioneros Para La Construcción Del Canal de Panamá.” Bibliotca Nacional de Colombia.ón-del-canal-de-panamá. “Panama Canal Timeline.” PBS: American Experience.

Subject(s): Compagnie universelle du canal interocéanique de Panama
Panama Canal (Panama)
Colombia -- Foreign economic relations -- France
France -- Foreign economic relations -- Colombia
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